Lambda: For those Who Grok

This wiki and forum are focused on computer science and programming. All are welcome to join this site which allow you to post in the forum and help improve the wiki.

What is lambda? What does grok mean?

Programming Resources

Learn Programming

  • For those who have no experience in programming
  • For those who want to learn programming

Programming Library

  • For a presentation of languages and resources for many languages language
  • For browsing for tutorials, books, and sofware, centred on programming
  • For a collection of useful tutorials, without a search engine
  • For learning how to make Web pages

Programming Libraries...Library

  • For useful libraries for various tools/languages
  • Includes GUI, database and networking libraries

Other References

  • Linux Programming
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sed
  • Socket Programming
  • Posix Threads
  • Vim


  • About Programming and this Wiki (specific to the learn namespace).

On Site Articles

Off Site Articles

  • How to be a Hacker: A must read for all who want to understand what a hacker is and how to be one.


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