Recovering Deleted Texts

Most of the time when people ask me about recovering deleted text messages on a mobile phone it's a mad husband or wife looking to see what the others up to. It's getting to the point where I just fix people with a blank stare. Surely if you're at that point you have bigger problems than what's on their phone?


Assuming (for the sake of argument) that you're looking to recover deleted texts on your OWN phone and not looking to start a fight or break your spouses trust then we'll look at some basic methods to dig through your phone and get your data back.

We're also going to assume that you've already checked the deleted folder on your phone. Yes, that's a thing the same way as your computer has a recycle bin. If you're using a third party app make sure you check on there as well because you don't know what might be on there.

If you've checked through your phone and it's 100% not there it's time to move onto something else. Your carrier won't be able to help, recovering deleted texts is generally against their privacy policy. They'll maybe be able to tell you when the message was sent and the phone numbers of each party but not the actual contents.

We're not dead in the water yet however.


When you delete something of your phone it still leaves a ghost behind. Sitting behind the scenes of your phone that message still exists but it's just not accessible by the phone because it's been set to deleted. This means your phone can't do anything with it so we use a fall back.

Third party software (so tools not made by Apple or Google Android) can look through your phone and find these ghosts. Now the ghost files will eventually be overwritten making it impossible to recover but to start with it's fairly easy. So if the message has been recently deleted just turn the phone off and get one of these tools.

There are plenty of options and all of them do the same thing. A quick Google for deleted text messages will do it but I'd suggest the recover deleted texts Textrar tool which is free and will do what you need. That's if you have an iPhone or Android handset at least. Otherwise you'll have to look around I haven't tried it on anything else.

You won't need any technical skill the software handles everything for you. It's as simple as plug it in and hit scan. It can take a while to run however and don't turn your phone off until it finishes. Be patient bigger phones can take a while to scan through and it helps if you computer supports USB 3.0 use that port if you can.

Just do me a favor and recover deleted texts on your own phone alright? Keep my karma slate clean.

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